30/12/2010 03:19

My newest 4-pannel painting called "Poppies" is a red - yellow combination of colors and I had a lot of fun doing it. The total size is about 80 x 80 cm. It´s done with acrylics on canvas and actually, the painting is a part of my exhibition.

Magnolia Branch

21/11/2010 14:14

I am going to be a featured artist on a local exhibition at Evonik gallery in Slovenska Lupca. This is going to be a part of that exhibition and I hope people might like it. All four parts together are more than 80 cm wide and 70 cm high. I used acrylic colours on canvases. It does not require framing.   

Purple Tulip 2

21/11/2010 14:12

This is a second painting of the series "Purple Tulip". I painted it with acrylic colors on canvas, size about 16 x 16 in.

Purple Tulip

04/11/2010 06:11

A great advantage of a painter, if compared with a photographer, is that he can make a picture of flower any time of the year. Even in any colors he wants. And purple tulips are beautiful!


02/11/2010 15:58

I had a lot of fun doing this picture with soft pastels. First I made the background, then I tore a sheet of paper and drew the flowers by usint the same colors as for background...

Red Anthurias

27/10/2010 06:35

This is my newest painting I have finished yesterday. It is all done with painting knife, which I used at the first time. It was a lot of fun! 

Olive Tree

27/09/2010 17:39

I love olives! And there are sooo many beautiful olive gardens down in Croatia, where we spent our last holiday... I just had to paint them.

Mountain view

27/09/2010 17:38

My new painting from this weekend, which is a neat memory on one of our hiking trips to nearby hills.

Old Barn

05/09/2010 07:32

This is a painting I made while on vacation in Croatia last week. We got one colder evening, so I used the time and painted this old barn, which I actually sketched some time ago.  


29/07/2010 08:55

Today I finished my painting of sunflower. After longer time I played with watercolor again and here is the result. It is a combination of watercolor and watercolor pencils.

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