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30/12/2010 03:19
My newest 4-pannel painting called "Poppies" is a red - yellow combination of colors and I had a lot of fun doing it. The total size is about 80 x 80 cm. It´s done with acrylics on canvas and actually, the painting is a part of my exhibition.


29/11/2010 19:57
From 26th of November 2010 to 28th of February 2011, me and my son will be the featured artists at exhibition in Evonik Fermas Gallery in Slovenska Lupca. This is our first exhibition ever! There will be about 70 of my paintings and 5 from my son.  

Magnolia Branch

21/11/2010 14:14
I am going to be a featured artist on a local exhibition at Evonik gallery in Slovenska Lupca. This is going to be a part of that exhibition and I hope people might like it. All four parts together are more than 80 cm wide and 70 cm high. I used acrylic colours on canvases. It does...

Purple Tulip 2

21/11/2010 14:12
This is a second painting of the series "Purple Tulip". I painted it with acrylic colors on canvas, size about 16 x 16 in.

Purple Tulip

04/11/2010 06:11
A great advantage of a painter, if compared with a photographer, is that he can make a picture of flower any time of the year. Even in any colors he wants. And purple tulips are beautiful!


02/11/2010 15:58
I had a lot of fun doing this picture with soft pastels. First I made the background, then I tore a sheet of paper and drew the flowers by usint the same colors as for background...

Red Anthurias

27/10/2010 06:35
This is my newest painting I have finished yesterday. It is all done with painting knife, which I used at the first time. It was a lot of fun! 

Olive Tree

27/09/2010 17:39
I love olives! And there are sooo many beautiful olive gardens down in Croatia, where we spent our last holiday... I just had to paint them.

Mountain view

27/09/2010 17:38
My new painting from this weekend, which is a neat memory on one of our hiking trips to nearby hills.

Old Barn

05/09/2010 07:32
This is a painting I made while on vacation in Croatia last week. We got one colder evening, so I used the time and painted this old barn, which I actually sketched some time ago.  
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